Workshops and life tools: Thrive!

Thrive workshops by Jeanette Jeha and Anita Fredericks

Do you feel stuck in “survival mode”, succumbing to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt?

Are you keen to learn more about your inner world, accessing your soul’s unique offering, and moving toward a more joyful existence?

Are you hungry for more – more depth, more connection, more meaning to life?

Would you like to join a nurturing community and learn tools for everyday life that support a new paradigm of wellness?

Are you ready to step into new ways of being, accessing your abundant personal power?

Whether you are looking to recalibrate your coping mechanisms, embrace an opportunity for self-reflection, or you are ready to create mindset shifts that enable real change and a new reality then the THRIVE! workshops will activate and inspire you.


Working with Jeanette and Anita in an empowering community, you will be inspired to think and feel differently in order to be different – to meet your true self and thrive.

You will be supported to see life through a lens of what’s possible, limitless and infinite.

In February 2016 we are offering our series of five THRIVE! workshops to a limited number of people. This is your opportunity to access incredible healing counsel embracing a holistic approach to wellness.

Through the series of five workshops you will:

  • Explore the infinite potential of the breath and learn techniques for accessing its power, everyday.
  • Workshop specific strategies required to nurture your mind and create a platform for change.
  • Come away with simple, everyday life tools that enable your healing consciousness and continuing personal growth.
  • Enjoy the presence and peace of a weekly meditation practice and learn how to customize a practice that works for you.
  • Be a part of a safe, inspiring community empowering you to access your personal power.
  • Develop more confidence in understanding your internal world, acting in the language of your heart and moving into greater joy.

The THRIVE! workshop series is perfect for you if you are:

  • Willing to invest in yourself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • Open to explore new ways of being.
  • Ready to expand your life experience.
  • Looking for tools to integrate into your everyday life that support you accessing presence, peace and joy.
  • Excited to move in to the language of heart and let go of that of the ego.
  • Prepared to give and receive in a community of compassion, enquiry and growth.

The THRIVE! workshop series is not for you if you are:

  • Looking for one-on-one coaching or healing.
  • Not ready to workshop and learn in a community environment.

The THRIVE! workshop series is five consecutive, in-person, evening workshops.


Wednesday 24 February

Wednesday 2 March

Wednesday 9 March

Wednesday 16 March

Wednesday 23 March

Time: 7 – 8.30pm

Venue: Mind Body Heart Studio, 81 Nanson St, Wembley.

Price: $180.00 + gst

Your facilitators:

Jeanette Jeha

Jeanette is metaphysical healer, counselor and channel who focuses on human expansiveness and functional medicine. Her passion for healing revolves around shifting mindsets, empowering consciousness, mystical experiences, breath and the practices that support it.

Jeanette’s beginnings in war-torn Beirut and her studies in teaching as well as her Masters in Applied Linguistics are the backdrop to her experience in energy healing. Now legally blind she has an insatiable appetite for learning and sharing her many gifts. Her healing work began with Reiki and Chinese energy medicine and has evolved into the areas of Medical Qigong, quantum physics and neuroplasticity. All her counsel embraces these modalities of healing but always recognizes the heart and spirit as the source of all transformation.

Find out more about Jeanette and Breath Force Healing Energy here.

Anita Fredericks

On a mission to encourage women to access their vitality and personal power, Anita has a successful corporate marketing background and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is deeply insightful and creative – sharing her gifts as she supports people to embrace their unique beauty whilst continuing to re-create themselves and their food culture.

Through her vibrant blog at, her inspirational speaking and her online programs, Anita loves to share a passion for feeling good and continuously creating a life to love. This year she is writing her first book, leading workshops and sharing online programs around the themes of mindfulness, cleansing and personal power.