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DON’T DESPAIR: The next Vitality Cleanse will kick off in Spring 2015!


Vitality Cleanse: Your Menu To Inner Harmony & Outer Glow

The all-new Vitality Cleanse is an online program that supports you, step-by-step, to detox your food & lifestyle by discovering healthy new food and self care habits.

I can thoroughly recommend the Vitality Cleanse. Without a doubt it is a challenge but one that is well worth it. You will learn a lot about your body and your mind and you will walk away with some great principles to follow for the rest of your eating life!
Suzanne, Singapore


  • Are you wondering why you feel tired & low in energy?
  • Is your skin yearning for the healthy glow you once had?
  • Have you gained unwanted weight, even though your eating habits haven’t changed dramatically?
  • Do you wish you woke up feeling refreshed and satisfied from your sleep?
  • Has your digestion changed – do you often feel bloated, constipated or congested?
  • Are you ready to hit the ground running in 2014 & kick start your healthy lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Vitality Cleanse is for you.

By Day 3 I was feeling healthier, waking up refreshed and alert. I didn’t feel like I should brush my teeth when I woke up! Everything was functioning smoothly. I wasn’t even feeling jealous while my colleagues were eating white chocolate raspberry slice and drinking coffee! Instead I felt empowered that I could say, “No thanks”, because I was feeling so healthy on the inside and the thought of putting toxins back in was unappealing. As I started re-introducing foods I felt I was tasting them a-new and appreciating their flavour more. It’s helped me kick some bad habits and I’ll definitely do it again to refresh my system as required.

Here’s the fact: people who regularly rid physical, mental and emotional toxins reap the rewards of clarity, focus, lightness and energy as well as a clearer complexion, potential weight loss and healthier hair and skin.

The Vitality Cleanse supports you to rid your toxins by re-setting your menu and skin-care program, embracing LIVING foods, treating the whole person and enjoying a journey of self-awareness.

It’s never too late to live your best life. Right now is a good time!

Investing in your food and lifestyle habits can literally turn your life around, in a matter of days.

For ages I had every intention to cut out sugar and to stop drinking coffee but it wasn’t until participating in the Vitality Cleanse that I could finally do those things. Through a well laid out plan and great support I was able to make some simple changes to my diet and daily routine that will have lasting benefits.
Margaret Minter, Western Australia

The Vitality Cleanse is by no means extreme, nor does it leave you feeling hungry or deprived; it is designed to be achievable as well as being a fantastic introduction to a healthier lifestyle. Among the benefits of your Vitality Cleanse program you can expect to:

  • Begin eliminating stored wastes and for some this will mean weight loss;
  • Experience improved digestion;
  • Feel more creative, with greater mental clarity;
  • Enjoy more energy;
  • Become more aware of yourself by eating consciously; and
  • Practice simple recipes and tools that will transform your eating habits well beyond the period of the cleanse.

The Vitality Cleanse will show you how to:

  • Reduce your toxins by embracing a toxin-free skin-care and food regime.
  • Focus on your digestion & elimination, to help rid the body of a toxic build-up.
  • Re-set your menu – to swing away from acidic choices & enjoy alkaline ones!
  • Embrace living foods – feel the energy boost and see your skin clear & heal.
  • Boost your immune super powers!
  • Shower yourself with care – enjoy simple acts of kindness & see how your body rewards you.
  • Invest in your future – learn more about minimizing the toxins in our world & discover the alternatives that will make your heart sing!

Along with your Vitality Cleanse counterparts – who will be cheering each other on through the Facebook community page – you will receive tips and tools for discovering healthier habits as well as creating a framework for embracing these learnings in the rest of your life.

For AUD $85.00, your Vitality Cleanse Program includes:


  • comprehensive guide to the program designed to support you through the 5 day cleanse and inspire you to embrace the cleanse concepts in your life.
  • workbook & journal to track your progress & record your inspirations as the “fog” begins to lift!
  • Access to a supportive community via a Facebook page especially created for Vitality Cleansers.
  • 5 day code of conducting yourself through this journey (the protocol).
  • Easy & delicious recipes that will nourish, surprise and delight you during the cleanse and beyond!
  • Audio classes with teachings, tips and tools to enhance your cleansing, detoxing and rejuvenating experience. The audio classes will be delivered as an MP3 that you can download at your convenience.
  • Daily inspirational emails to support your journey and shower you with bonus materials that will add to your Vitality Cleanse experience!
  • Direct email access to Anita & Anjali throughout the week.

Give yourself time to get prepared – physically and mentally. Sign up by Monday 10 February to allow time to read your guide, get your shopping done and start visualising your new, daily routine.

How the Vitality Cleanse has already helped:

With summer coming it was the perfect time to embark on the 5 day Vitality Cleanse and get back into healthy eating. The program was clear and simple to follow and the support was fantastic. It was great to know that others were going through the same as me. It was easy to find something I liked to eat for all the meals and the choices I made were surprisingly filling. I personally never felt hungry and never craved any ‘bad’ foods during the whole 5 days. I’m delighted to say I’ve dropped 3kg’s and I feel great – more energy, more alive and I’m sleeping REALLY well. Thanks Anita and Anjali – would love to do it again!
Caroline Shaw, Western Australia

Thank you! I feel absolutely fabulous after the Vitality Cleanse and it’s made me really think about what I need to adjust in my diet but still enjoy tasty, fresh food. I will continue to use all the good habits I learned on the cleanse. And to top it all off, I lost weight and felt a great sense of achievement at the end of the week. I’d say, “Just do it!” Your body will love you.
Amanda Osborne

I would recommend the Vitality Cleanse to anyone who would like to enjoy feeling an overwhelming sense of well being and clarity. I personally enjoyed putting myself first for a change, having soft, shiny skin & hair, a flat stomach and mental stability. I have never felt better!
Allison Farley

The 5 day program was achievable and encouraging. The information received was well researched, sound and balanced. I entered the week motivated, yet intrepid but surprised at how clear I felt. I will definitely take the tools learned and continue the positive healthy changes in my life.

 The Vitality Cleanse has helped me break bad eating and drinking habits and get back on track to healthier ways, my body now wants less and my desire for tea and coffee has radically changed.  I now want to start the day with a vegetable juice and don’t even think about a cup of tea until later in the day. And people have even commented that my eyes are brighter and whiter.
Virginia, Western Australia

When I first saw the 5 day vitality cleanse diet I must say I was a little intimidated by the amount of veges and the list of no go foods. I told my husband he would probably find me comatose on the floor by day 5. But by 3 I realised that this was much easier than I had expected. After 5 days I had lost 2 kilos and 5cm around my waist. The food was really delicious and enticing, I had fun choosing my morning smoothie and even got creative on day 4 and made my own smoothie. What a was really surprised with was how my kids were happy to eat the meals, this detox has taught me that eating a vegetarian meal is just as filling and delicious as eating one loaded with carbs and meat.
Belinda Seydel, Western Australia

Whether this is your first cleanse or you have done one before, you’ll be thoroughly supported to implement the Vitality Cleanse and reap the tremendous benefits.

Who created the Vitality Cleanse

Vitality Cleanse is a collaboration between Holistic Health Practitioner, Anita Fredericks, and Graphic Designer / Holistic Makeup Artist, Anjali de Silva. Their 5 day guide to inner harmony and outer glow is based on their journeys of wellness as well as the knowledge gleaned from Anita’s studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Anjali’s love for Ayurvedic wisdom and beauty.


Have you got questions? Chances are it’s been asked before. Click here for answers to our frequently asked questions.

Sign up by Monday 10 February to allow time to read your guide, get your shopping done and start visualising your new, daily routine.