One of Perth’s most experienced energy healers presents Thrive!

Thrive workshops by Jeanette Jeha and Anita Fredericks

Do you have that certain friend with whom you enjoy a deeper conversation? You know, the conversations that inspire a new perspective of life and which cause an expansion of your life experience. I really love those conversations (and those friends) and – more particularly – I love the way it makes me feel when I can acknowledge the little changes a new perspective makes to my way of Being.

For me, this continual enhancement to my Being has supported me to make huge steps forward in my coping ability and my creation.

There is no doubt that life will always be a series of stories – some of those stories might be life-expanding, whilst others are more contracting (on the surface). And it’s true that sometimes the major difference in dealing with these stories comes down to attitude.

I believe that you can groom your mind set to create an attitude that is life expanding: to improve coping abilities and to move in to a more joyful, heart-centred state of creation.

I’ve had a lot of help to move me forward and capture glimpses of how such a life looks. These glimpses offer such inspiration that I am compelled to keep exploring my mind and embrace the ever-evolving access to my own personal power.

It’s the reason why I’m so excited to be working with Jeanette Jeha, one of Perth’s most experienced energy healers (and one of my most influential spiritual teachers), to share the Thrive! series of workshops.

Thrive! is a series of five workshops offering support and life tools that access the heart and shine a light on the path to more joy.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity, read on…

Being connected in a shallow way to the entire world can prevent us from being deeply connected to those closest to us — including ourselves. And that is where wisdom is found. Arianna Huffington from her book, “Thrive”.

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