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Workshops and life tools: Thrive!



This is a series of five workshops designed to evoke a focus on internal learning, healing and growth. Open to a limited number of people and beginning on 24 February 2016, these events will run on five consecutive Wednesday from 7 – 8.30pm at the Mind Body Heart Studio, 81 Nanson St, Wembley.

Workshops and life tools to access the heart and move into joy.

Through these workshops you will :

Learn techniques for accessing the infinite potential of the breath.

Workshop strategies to nurture your mind and agitate change.

Take away life tools that will enable continuing personal growth. 

Enjoy a weekly meditation practice.

Be supported to customise your own meditation practice.

Be a part of a safe, inspiring community.

Develop more confidence in understanding your internal world.

Act in the language of your heart and move into greater joy.

Find out more.

Learn more about your facilitators, Jeanette Jeha and Anita Fredericks.

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