Travel: how getting away leads you straight home

On Travel How getting away can lead you straight home

It’s hard to believe that our incredible travel to New Zealand’s north island, that my husband so carefully and lovingly planned for our family, is starting to fade into memory.

For all four of us the holiday has various highlights but the overwhelming consensus is that New Zealand is a destination of spectacular countryside and beautiful, endearing indigenous culture that has left us with a taste for more.

Over 18 days we covered a lot of ground. Driving from Auckland to Porongohau (a coastal town in the south of Hawke’s Bay), then to Whakatane (pron. Fuckantanee. Yeah, you can imagine how many times that name got inserted into any possible sentence, just to see my reaction) on to Rotorua, and then back to Auckland, we ended our tour in Wellington via an all day trip on the scenic train.

Travel is the gift that just keeps on giving. There is no doubt that a change of scenery and routine automatically soothes the soul but I think it goes deeper than that. I think that the magic of travel is in the opportunity to learn more about yourself; to explore your inner world and enable a more creative view of life. It is in this exploring your inner world and learning more about yourself that you find your way home: to the real you.

What do you think? Do you feel that you arrive home from travel more cognisant of your inner world, and perhaps with a stronger belief that you can create your outer world? This is what I’ve been thinking:

1. Learning more about the traditional culture of another country makes you reflect on what you love about your own.

View from a train

This is the view from the train – about 10 hours of picturesque scenery between Auckland and Wellington.

2. Interacting with the local community when you travel makes you feel proud of your own heritage.

Kelvin polo

My husband playing in a beach polo tournament. A wonderful opportunity to spend time with locals who love to hear more about where you are from!

3. Exploring new places makes you think about the adventures at home when you’ve taken time out from the routine.

Signs of New Zealand

We had a lot of time in the car – we really loved the scenery but we also loved the family banter and stories.

4. Sharing all these experiences with family is what life is all about.

Sheep crossing

Spending time in nature and being surrounded by lush, green, healthy countryside is invigorating.

One of the beautiful experiences of travel – no matter how far or close you go – is that home is never far. In fact, you could say that “home” is always with you, it is in you.

Look inside yourself and feel more love.

Look inside yourself and feel more joy.

Look inside yourself to find your way home.

Our Thrive workshops are coming up soon and these are another great opportunity for self reflection. If you feel ready for more depth and connection in your world, then you may like to find out more about Thrive.

Thrive workshops by Jeanette Jeha and Anita Fredericks

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