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Yes, there are hundreds of dietary theories out there: high carb; low protein; no fat; etc., etc. It is thoroughly confusing and intimidating.

My instinct tells me that we need to understand our food groups – protein, fats / oils and carbohydrates (did you know that fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates?) – and ensure that all of them play a role in our diet in a positive (ie. health-forming) way.

One of the key messages I have learnt and witnessed is that dis-ease thrives in an acidic body. By contrast, an alkaline body heals and repairs cells and absorbs nutrients.

In short, a standard diet is highly acid-forming. An acidic body creates inflammation, which dramatically affects our quality of life – it saps energy, weakens immunity, darkens your mood and dulls your beauty. Understanding patterns that are alkaline-forming as opposed to acid-forming will increase your energy, immunity and longevity. (You may be interested in Dr Joshi’s newsletter: An Alkaline Diet for Cancer, which arrived in my Inbox as I began to write this post).

The Honestly Healthy book (featured above) advocates a balanced view of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in their cleanest and most natural forms to suit us as unique individuals and to ensure that we have the essential nutrients required for healing, building, repair and energising.

Eating highly acid-forming foods on a daily basis is contributing to feeling over-full, bloated, windy and uncomfortable as well as creating an environment of dis-ease. When you make primarily alkaline food and lifestyle choices you will find that these symptoms change, almost overnight.

The pH (potential hydrogen) scale is used to measure acidity / alkalinity. The scale ranges from 0 to 14, 7 being neutral. Below 7 is increasingly acidic, above 7 is highly alkaline. Note that the pH of blood runs between 7.35 to 7.45.

Many of our frequently chosen foods (meat, dairy produce and processed foods in any form, including sugars, commercial breads, biscuits and cakes) are acid-forming in the body – that is, when they are digested they form acid residues in the bloodstream (and put huge strain on our liver and kidneys). By contrast, eating alkaline means consuming fresh foods as close to nature as possible; predominantly vegetarian.

I feel compelled to add a personal comment here: I do eat (some) meat! The Honestly Healthy program and I are not advocating that you do not eat any acidic foods. The important strategy is to east less acidic foods, alongside plenty of alkaline foods.

In fact, the Vitality Cleanse has been designed with exactly that strategy in mind. We say, “Go Alkaline!” It is a 5-day program the demonstrates a very strong focus on alkaline and alkaline-forming foods as well as lifestyle strategies that support positive health. One of the most compelling benefits of the Vitality Cleanse is that it is a step-by-step guide that leads you through food and lifestyle choices in an incredibly supportive environment, leaving you with many tips, recipes and strategies that you can incorporate in to your every day life to feel better.

I can thoroughly recommend the Vitality Cleanse. Without a doubt it is a challenge but one that is well worth it. You will learn a lot about your body and your mind and you will walk away with some great principles to follow for the rest of your eating life!” Suzanne, Singapore

I’m gearing up for the next Vitality Cleanse, starting mid-February. Would you like to join me? It’s perfect timing for me – post festivities and post getting kids back to school… I really feel I need a kick-start.

While I am not “on the Vitality Cleanse”, I am still maintaining an alkaline focus. And such is my passion for sharing great resources (which was shared with me by my very clever & creative friend) the idea was born to share my Honestly Healthy experiences, sort of Julie & Julia ish! will you join me for the ride? I’m off to bake a Lemon and Poppy Seed Almond Cake!




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    I can’t wait to get started!!!


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